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SELISE Signature

Electronic signatures, simplified through interoperability. Roll out documents for eSignatures of different legal weights as needed and view audit trails, completed contracts and signed document certificates.

Popular Features
  • Simple, Advanced, Qualified esign

  • Bulk document signing and templating

  • Easy signing process with full audit trails

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SELISE Contacts

Manage all of your organization’s customers and contacts using easily mastered tools, and acquire more through API-driven data connections, a WordPress plugin, bulk imports, or manual entries.

Popular Features
  • Documented API

  • Easy to install WordPress plugin

  • Multi-organization setup with sharing

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  SELISE Campaign

Run targeted, fully branded email or SMS campaigns to subscribed customers, and know how they’re responding through detailed insights. Powered by SELISE Contacts. Full GDPR compliance guaranteed.

Popular Features
  • Customizable customer segmentation

  • Scheduled and Recurring campaigns

  • Full GDPR compliance

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SELISE File Manager

Store all of your important documents and files on the cloud – or check back for reference after you’ve signed something using SELISE Signature. Share with others on your team or restrict access as needed.

Popular Features
  • Upgrade storage anytime

  • Full access control and sharing

  • Integrated with SELISE Signature

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  SELISE Calendar

Schedule your events and meetings, or set a reminder for an important task. Easy to use and easy to integrate with your other calendars. Provided free of cost with any purchase from SELISE Apps.

Popular Features
  • Schedule events

  • Set reminders for tasks

  • Free with any purchase from SELISE

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  SELISE Task Manager

Create task boards, assign tasks, upload attachments, create custom columns and track progress via a system of checklists and tags. Work collaboratively with team members through comments.

Popular Features
  • Create boards, columns or tasks

  • Share, collaborate, and track progress

  • Free with any purchase from SELISE

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SELISE Signature

Electronic Signatures – legal and simplified, anytime & anywhere.


In the age of crypto, digital documents, forms and contracts require legal electronic signatures and veriable certification to hold against digital forensic scrutiny. SELISE provides a sophisticated but easy to use eSignature tool that provides legal weight options for every document you sign.


  • Qualified eSignatures provide legal validity through eKYC and digital certificates.

  • Advanced eSignatures provide trust assurances and two-factor authentication.

  • Bulk templating removes repetitive signing by introducing constant and dynamic signatories to as many contracts as needed.

  • Easy to use dashboard tracks pending and completed contracts.

  • Simple eSignatures provide ceremonial experience while signing documents, while reducing operational costs associated with printers and paper.

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Why choose SELISE Apps?

Constant Upgrades

SELISE Apps get constant updates to the UI/UX and feature backlog definitions, and customer feedback is continually incorporated.

Plan Flexibility

Usage limits being exceeded? Upgrade anytime. Or define your own custom packages by getting in touch with SELISE for long-term collaboration.

Customer Success Assurance

Our dedicated Customer Success teams work as your own personal talent squad, solving crucial business pain points and resolving blockers.

Cloud Architecture

All of SELISE’s Apps are hosted on the cloud, offering a great deal of scalability and flexbility, not to mention data protection and security.

GDPR Compliant

Full compliance with GDPR assures business logic is driven by regulations, thus minimizing risk of unforseen hurdles in the future.


Lower costs for greater usability, guaranteed. Our scaleability and project management experience lets us anticipate needs and reduce costs.

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